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    Some minor cleanups of recently-added bool vector code. · 7be68de5
    Paul Eggert authored
    * conf_post.h (assume): Always return void.  Use lint version
    only if GCC and MSC versions don't apply.
    * conf_post.h (assume):
    * data.c (USC_MSC_POPCOUNT, count_trailing_zero_bits):
    Depend on _MSC_VER, not __MSC_VER, for consistency with
    the rest of Emacs.
    * data.c (bool_vector_spare_mask, popcount_size_t_generic)
    (popcount_size_t_msc, popcount_size_t_gcc, popcount_size_t)
    (bool_vector_binop_driver, count_trailing_zero_bits)
    (size_t_to_host_endian): Now static, not static inline;
    the latter isn't needed with modern compilers and doesn't
    work with older compilers anyway.
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