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    A few porting etc. fixes for the new file monitor code. · 7d300d64
    Paul Eggert authored
    See the thread containing
    * gfilenotify.c (dir_monitor_callback, Fgfile_add_watch)
    (Fgfile_rm_watch): Don't assume EMACS_INT is the same width as a pointer.
    (dir_monitor_callback, Fgfile_rm_watch):
    Use assq_no_quit instead of Fassoc, for speed.
    (dir_monitor_callback, Fgfile_rm_watch):
    eassert that the monitor is a fixnum.
    (dir_monitor_callback): No need for CDR_SAFE.
    Simplify building of lisp with alternative tails.
    (Fgfile_add_watch, Fgfile_rm_watch):
    Do not assume glib functions set errno reliably on failure.
    (Fgfile_add_watch): Check that the monitor survives the XIL trick,
    and signal an error otherwise.
    (Fgfile_rm_watch): Prefer CONSP to !NILP.
    Use Fdelq instead of Fdelete, for speed.
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