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    (last_nonmenu_event): New var. · 7d6de002
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (syms_of_keyboard): New Lisp var.
    (read_key_sequence): Use that instead of prev_event.
    (read_char): Call read_char_menu_prompt here.
    Accept 4 new args to pass to it.  Include them in recursive call.
    Don't delay before starting echo if prev_event was a mouse event.
    Test for eof in batch mode now understands C is a Lisp_Object.
    (read_key_sequence): Don't call it here; always call read_char.
    Don't change last_event_buffer after a mouse menu input.
    (read_char_menu_prompt): Arg PROMPT deleted.
    Return nil if nothing to do.
    (read_key_sequence): Keep track of prev_event.
    Pass new proper args to read_char_menu_prompt.
    (read_char_menu_prompt): New arg prev_event.  Use Fx_popup_menu.
    Handle any number of keymaps, not just LOCAL and GLOBAL.
    Invert meaning of arg PROMPT.  Test of menu_prompting was backwards.
    (keymap_table): No longer static.
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