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    Update docs for window dividers and `window-text-pixel-size'. · 7e940b65
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * xdisp.c (Fwindow_text_pixel_size): Adjust doc-string.
    * elisp.texi (Top): Rename section "Width" to "Size of Displayed
    * text.texi (Primitive Indent):
    * strings.texi (String Basics):
    * sequences.texi (Sequence Functions): Update references
    * display.texi (Size of Displayed Text): Rename section from
    "Width".  Add description for `window-text-pixel-size'.
    (Window Dividers): Reword description of window dividers.
    * frames.texi (Layout Parameters): Improve description of window
    divider parameters.
    * windows.texi (Window Sizes): Add descriptions of
    `window-mode-line-height' and `window-header-line-height'.
    (Coordinates and Windows): Mention window dividers.
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