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    (access, unlink) [WINDOWSNT]: Macros undefined. · 7f75d5c6
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (fork, syswait, DISABLE_DIRECT_ACCESS) [WINDOWSNT]: Macros defined.
    [WINDOWSNT]: Include locking.h.
    (main): Update usage message.  Use IS_DIRECTORY_SEP.
    (main) [DISABLE_DIRECT_ACCESS]: Don't check access if defined.
    (main) [WINDOWSNT]: Invoke locking instead of flock.
    (main) [MAIL_USE_SYSTEM_LOCK && WINDOWSNT]: Emulate ftruncate.
    (main) [MAIL_USE_POP]: Pass password to popmail if used.
    Include winsock.h; don't include unix inet headers.
    (popmail): Add password argument and pass it to pop_open.
    Open output file in binary mode.
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