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    (quail-install-map): New optional arg · 817e162f
    Kenichi Handa authored
    (quail-get-translation): If DEF is a symbol but not a function,
    ignore it.
    (quail-start-translation): Put a key sequence undefined in the
    translation keymap in unread-command-events, not generated-events.
    Return parameterized event (compose-last-chars N) if the input
    characters should be composed.
    (quail-map-definition): If DEF is t, treat it as nil.
    (quail-delete-last-char): Delete the quail region.
    (quail-show-translations): Don't show list of translations if the
    quail package is deterministic.
    (quail-completion-max-depth): New variable.
    (quail-completion-1): Pay attention to the above variable.  Fix
    for the case that a translation is a function.
    (quail-map-from-table, quail-map-from-table-1,
    quail-map-from-table-2): New functions.
    (quail-lookup-map-and-concat): New function
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