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    * net/xesam.el (xesam-all-fields): Remove source and content · 818f12ce
    Michael Albinus authored
    (xesam-dbus-unique-names): New defvar.
    (xesam-dbus-call-method): New defun.  Replace all calls of
    `dbus-call-method' by `xesam-dbus-call-method'.
    (xesam-get-cached-property, xesam-set-cached-property): New
    (xesam-get-property, xesam-set-property, xesam-refresh-entry)
    (xesam-new-search, xesam-search): Apply
    (xesam-search-engines): Make it an association list.  Take changed
    layout into account in the corresponding function.
    (xesam-delete-search-engine): Remove check for consistency of
    `xesam-search-engines', not needed anymore.
    (xesam-mode): Show XML query string only in the debug case.
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