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    Simplify and fix doc-related .gitignore files. · 790c6905
    Paul Eggert authored
    This fixes some unwanted 'git status' output after 'make docs'.
    * .gitignore: Add **/Makefile, **/makefile.
    Remove Makefile, makefile.
    Add doc/*/*.xxx rules for the usual kinds of documentation outputs
    and temporaries.  Add doc/misc/cc-mode.ss.
    * doc/emacs/.gitignore, doc/lispref/.gitignore, doc/misc/.gitignore:
    * lwlib/.gitignore, oldXMenu/.gitignore:
    Remove, as these .gitignore files are no longer needed.
    * doc/lispintro/.gitignore: Replace with list of exceptional PDF files.
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