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    Add *info*<[0-9]+> to same-window-regexps instead of · 836bb478
    Juri Linkov authored
    (info): New arg `buffer'.  Use it.  Doc fix.  Read file name for
    non-numeric prefix argument, append the number to the buffer name
    for numeric prefix argument.
    (info-other-window): Bind same-window-regexps to nil.
    (Info-reference-name): Rename to Info-point-loc.
    (Info-find-node-2): Call forward-line for numeric Info-point-loc,
    and Info-find-index-name for stringy Info-point-loc.
    (Info-extract-menu-node-name): New arg `index-node'.  Use regexp
    without middle `.', but with final `.' and optional line number
    for it.  Set Info-point-loc for index nodes.
    (Info-index): Remove middle `.' from index entry regexp.
    Modify line number regexp.
    (Info-index-next): Decrement line number.
    (info-apropos): Remove middle `.' from index entry regexp.
    Add optional line number regexp at the end.  Add matched value
    for line number to the result list and insert it to the buffer.
    (Info-fontify-node): Hide index line numbers.
    (Info-goto-node): Replace "\\s *\\'" by "\\s +\\'" to not trim
    empty matches.
    (Info-follow-reference): Use `str' instead of
    (Info-toc): Use full file names.  Set Info-current-node to "Top".
    (Info-fontify-node): Compare file names without directory name.
    (Info-try-follow-nearest-node): Don't set Info-reference-name.
    Set second arg of Info-extract-menu-node-name for index nodes.
    (info-xref-visited): Use magenta3 instead of magenta4.
    (Info-mode): Add info-apropos to docstring.
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