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    Change object marking routines to minimize stack usage. · 83f14500
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    This change moves a few cold paths from mark_object to NO_INLINE
    functions and adjusts symbol marking loop.  According to GCC 4.8.2
    -Wstack-usage, this reduces mark_object's stack usage from 80 to
    48 bytes on a 64-bit system.  For a long byte-force-recompile runs,
    stack usage at the mark phase is reduced up to 28%.  Surprisingly,
    it also gains up to 3% in speed (with default '-O2 -g3' flags).
    * alloc.c (mark_compiled, mark_localized_symbol): New functions,
    refactored out from ...
    (mark_object): ... adjusted user.  Also mark symbols in a tight
    inner loop.
    (mark_face_cache): Add NO_INLINE.
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