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    (Vwin32_mouse_move_interval): New lisp variable. · 84fb1139
    Karl Heuer authored
    (syms_of_win32fns): Add Vwin32_mouse_move_interval to syms.
    (saved_mouse_msg): Renamed to saved_mouse_button_msg.
    (timer_id): Renamed to mouse_button_timer.
    (saved_mouse_move_msg, mouse_move_timer): New variables.
    (win_msg_worker): Delete WM_TIMER code.
    (win32_wnd_proc): Handle WM_TIMER events here. Use separate timers
    for mouse down and mouse move (including scroll bar drag) events.
    Add new handling code for WM_VSCROLL and WM_MOUSEMOVE events.
    Only filter WM_MOUSEMOVE events when a button is held down.
    Always pass on message to DefWindowProc after calling
    TranslateMessage.  Reset keyboard modifiers when losing focus.
    (win32_wnd_proc): When passing modifier keystrokes back
    to Windows, invoke TranslateMessage on them.
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