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    No longer require sendmail. · 85094855
    Glenn Morris authored
    Replace sendmail's `mail-text' by `rfc822-goto-eoh'.  (Bug#5174)
    (report-emacs-bug-orig-text): Doc fix.
    (report-emacs-bug-send-command, report-emacs-bug-send-hook):
    New local variables, to adapt to different mail-user-agents.
    (report-emacs-bug): Fix test for a gnu.org address.
    Use overlays for emphasis, since font-lock defeats 'face property.
    Pretest bugs also end up at the newsgroup these days.
    Stop message-mode stripping text properties.
    Set and use the new buffer-local variables.
    (report-emacs-bug-hook): Add doc-string.
    Remove some unnecessary save-excursions and simplify.
    Use the appropriate hook and send-command.
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