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    Remove the term "on-line" (meaning "Info") throughout, since · 85b438b7
    Glenn Morris authored
    in this day and age the common meaning is "on the web".
    (copying): Use @copyright in all cases.
    (Basic keys): Remove reference to deleted manual node "Text Characters".
    (File-name conventions): Use GNU as an example rather than SERVICE.
    default.el lives in site-lisp.  Update Info directory location.
    (Real meaning of copyleft): GPL actions have been brought, but all
    settled out of court.
    (Guidelines for newsgroup postings): Shorten section title.
    Simplify comp.emacs description.
    (Newsgroup archives): Change Google URL.  Describe Gmane.
    (Unsubscribing from Emacs lists): Remove discussion of "distribution
    points".  Mention List-Unsubscribe header.
    (Contacting the FSF): Update email and URLs.
    (Basic editing): Mention F1 for help.
    (Installing Texinfo documentation): Refer to Texinfo website rather
    than ftp server.
    (Printing a Texinfo file): Mention texi2pdf.
    (Informational files for Emacs): Don't describe FTP or SERVICE, they
    are just stubs nowadays.
    (Latest version of Emacs): Explain version numbers.
    (Spell-checkers, Checking TeX and *roff documents): Remove sections.
    (Turning on syntax highlighting): No need to mention hilit19 any more.
    (Finding Emacs on the Internet): Refer to URLs rather than DISTRIB, FTP.
    (Modes for various languages): Remove section.
    (Major packages and programs): Remove most version and maintainer
    information - it's hard to keep up-to-date, and adds nothing.
    Similarly with direct links to mailing lists.
    (Spell-checkers): Rename node from Ispell.  Mention Aspell and Hunspell.
    (Mailcrypt): Remove section - mailcrypt has not been updated in mnay
    years, and Emacs comes with tools for this now.
    (Patch): Remove section - this is a standard tool.
    (Using function keys under X): Remove section.
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