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    * verilog-mode.el (verilog-vmm-begin-re, verilog-vmm-end-re, · 86a4c7ac
    Dan Nicolaescu authored
    verilog-vmm-statement-re, verilog-ovm-statement-re,
    verilog-defun-level-not-generate-re, verilog-calculate-indent,
    verilog-leap-to-head, verilog-backward-token): Fix
    indenting VMM macros.  Reported by Jonathan Ashbrook.
    * verilog-mode.el (verilog-auto-lineup, verilog-nameable-item-re):
    Cleanup user-visible spelling and documentation errors.  One
    reported by Gary Delp.
    (verilog-submit-bug-report): Mention bug tracking and CC
    (verilog-read-decls): Fix AUTOWIRE with types declared in a
    package, bug195.  Reported by Pierre-David Pfister.
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