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    Use a select wrapper around the GLib event loop, thus taking into account GLib · 872870b2
    Jan Djärv authored
    timeouts and event sources.  This simplifies Gtk+-code a lot, and is needed
    for handling GConf death/restart.
    * xterm.c: #include xgselect.h.
    (x_initialize): Call xgselect_initialize.
    * xsettings.c (something_changedCB): C++ comments => C comments.
    (init_gconf): Do not deal with any GLib file descriptors, xg_select
    does that now.
    * gtkutil.c (xg_timer, xg_process_timeouts, xg_start_timer)
    (xg_stop_timer, menu_grab_callback_cnt, menu_grab_callback)
    (scroll_bar_button_cb): Remove.
    (create_menus): C++ comments => C comments. Don't bind grab-notify
    (xg_create_scroll_bar): Don't bind button-press-event and
    * process.c: Include xgselect.h if defined (USE_GTK) ||
    defined (HAVE_GCONF).
    (wait_reading_process_output): Call xg_select for the same condition.
    * xgselect.c (xg_select): New function to better integrate with
    GLib/Gtk event handling.  Needed if GConf daemon dies/restarts.
    * xgselect.h: New file, declare xg_select, xgselect_initialize.
    * Makefile.in (XOBJ): Add xgselect.o.
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