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    * Makefile.in (buildobj.h): New target. · 878bde49
    Ken Raeburn authored
    (doc.o): Depend on it.
    (temacs${EXEEXT}): Don't generate buildobj.lst.
    (mostlyclean): Delete buildobj.h, not buildobj.lst.
    * makefile.w32-in ($(SRC)/buildobj.h): New target.
    ($(BLD)/doc.$(O)): Depend on it.
    (make-buildobj-CMD, make-buildobj-SH): New targets.  (Syntax help
    provided by Eli Zaretskii.)
    ($(TEMACS)): Don't generate buildobj.lst.
    * doc.c: Include buildobj.h.
    (buildobj): New static variable.
    (Fsnarf_documentation): Use it, instead of opening and reading
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