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    More updates to the Text chapter of the Emacs manual, and related nodes. · 8863a584
    Chong Yidong authored
    Make the documentation of Enriched Mode shorter, since it's
    practically unused.
    * text.texi (TeX Mode): Mention AUCTeX package.
    (TeX Editing): Add xref to documentation for Occur.
    (LaTeX Editing): Add xref to Completion node.
    (TeX Print): Fix description of tex-directory.
    (Enriched Text): Renamed from Formatted Text.  Make this node and
    its subnodes less verbose, since text/enriched files are
    practically unused.
    (Enriched Mode): Renamed from Requesting Formatted Text.
    (Format Colors): Node deleted.
    (Enriched Faces): Renamed from Format Faces.  Describe commands
    for applying colors too.
    (Forcing Enriched Mode): Node deleted; merged into Enriched Mode.
    * frames.texi (Menu Mouse Clicks): Tweak description of C-Mouse-2.
    * display.texi (Colors): New node.
    * cmdargs.texi (Colors X):
    * xresources.texi (GTK styles):
    * custom.texi (Face Customization): Reference it.
    * glossary.texi (Glossary): Remove "formatted text" and "WYSIWYG".
    Link to Fill Commands for Justification entry.
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