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    Sync with Tramp 2.2.6-pre. · 888a7fc0
    Michael Albinus authored
    * tramp.texi (all): Use consequently @command{}, @env{} and @kbd{}
    where appropriate.
    (Ad-hoc multi-hops): New section.
    (Remote processes): New subsection "Running remote processes on
    Windows hosts".
    (History): Add remote commands on Windows, and ad-hoc multi-hop methods.
    (External methods): "ControlPersist" must be set to "no" for the
    `scpc' method.
    (Remote processes): Add a note about `auto-revert-tail-mode'.
    (Frequently Asked Questions): Use "scpx" in combination with
    "ControlPersist".  Reported by Adam Spiers <emacs@adamspiers.org>.
    * trampver.texi: Update release number.
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