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    Set of changes so that "obtrusive" syntactic elements in a C/C++/ObjC · 88a46e21
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    preprocessor line (e.g. an unbalanced string quote or unmatched paren)
    don't interact syntactically with stuff outside the CPP line.
    (c-awk-beyond-logical-line, c-awk-old-ByLL): Replace
    c-awk-end-of-logical-line and c-awk-old-EoLL to solve an off-by-one bug.
    (c-awk-record-region-clear-NL): Replaces c-awk-before-change, with a bit
    of refactoring.
    (c-awk-extend-and-syntax-tablify-region): Takes some of the functionality
    of c-awk-advise-fl-for-awk-region, which has been refactored away.
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