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    Improve and clarify documentation of subprocesses · 88a50525
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Subprocess Creation, Shell Arguments):
    Mention 'make-process' rather than 'start-process'.  Update wrt
    standard destinations of standard output/error streams and due to
    different formats of arguments accepted by 'make-process'.
    (Processes): Mention process objects that represent connections.
    (Synchronous Processes): Minor clarifications.
    (Asynchronous Processes): Describe 'make-process' and
    'make-pipe-process' before 'start-process'.  Update and expand the
    (Deleting Processes, Process Information, Input to Processes)
    (Signals to Processes, Query Before Exit, Network): Update and
    expand the documentation, especially wrt process objects that
    represent connections.
    (Output from Processes): Mention the possibility of separating
    stderr via 'make-process'.
    (Filter Functions): Mention that stderr by default arrives at the
    filter function together with stdout.  (Bug#24287)
    * src/process.c (Fprocess_id, Fprocess_command)
    (Fprocess_contact, Fprocess_type, Fstop_process): Doc fixes for
    process objects that represent connections.
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