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    More updates to misc.texi. · 88c5c7c8
    Chong Yidong authored
    * doc/emacs/misc.texi (Single Shell): Don't document Lisp usage of
    shell-command.  Tidy up discussion of synchronicity.  Add index
    entries for async-shell-command.
    (Interactive Shell): Note that M-x shell uses shell-file-name.
    Note change in behavior in Emacs 24.
    (Shell Mode): Shell mode now uses completion-at-point.
    (Shell Prompts): Emphasize that comint-use-prompt-regexp isn't the
    default method for recognizing prompts nowadays.
    (Shell Ring): Add xref to Minibuffer History.
    (Directory Tracking): Explain Dirtrack mode in more detail.
    (Term Mode): Fix index entries.
    (Paging in Term): Merge into Term Mode.
    (Serial Terminal, Emacs Server, emacsclient Options): Copyedits.
    (Printing): Fix xref.  State default of lpr-switches.
    (PostScript): Remove obsolete sentence.  Omit description of
    non-interactive behaviors.
    (Hyperlinking): Improve description.
    (Browse-URL): Using compose-mail for mailto URLs is the default.
    Document browse-url-mailto-function.
    (Goto Address mode): Add index entries.  Add xref to Browse-URL.
    (FFAP): FFAP is not a minor mode.
    (Amusements): M-x lm was renamed to M-x landmark.  Document