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    (help-buffer): New function. · 89f5b33f
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Returns the buffer-name to use for help output.
    Change all the code to use it instead of hard-coding *Help*.
    (help-mode-map): Put back the mouse-2 binding.
    (help-xref-stack): Change the format and make buffer-local.
    (help-xref-stack-item): Make buffer-local.
    (help-setup-xref): Do the `push' here rather than in help-do-xref.
    (help-xref-interned): Display the face doc as well.
    (help-follow-mouse): Re-introduce.
    (help-xref-go-back): Adapt to the new use of help-xref-stack.
    (help-do-xref): Don't `push' any more.
    (help-follow): Also follow face names.
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