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    * keyboard.c: Make symbols static if they're not exported. · 8a1414fa
    Paul Eggert authored
    (single_kboard, recent_keys_index, total_keys, recent_keys):
    (this_command_key_count_reset, raw_keybuf, raw_keybuf_count):
    (this_single_command_key_start, echoing, last_auto_save):
    (read_key_sequence_cmd, dribble, recursive_edit_unwind):
    (command_loop, echo_now, keyboard_init_hook, help_char_p):
    (quit_throw_to_read_char, command_loop_2, top_level_1, poll_timer):
    (Vlispy_mouse_stem, double_click_count):
    Now static.
    (force_auto_save_soon): Define only if SIGDANGER.
    (ignore_mouse_drag_p): Now static if
    !defined HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM || defined USE_GTK || defined HAVE_NS.
    (print_help): Remove; unused.
    (stop_character, last_timer_event): Mark as externally visible.
    * keyboard.h (ignore_mouse_drag_p): Declare only if
    defined HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM && !defined USE_GTK && !defined HAVE_NS.
    (echo_now, help_char_p, quit_throw_to_read_char): Remove decls.
    * lisp.h (echoing): Remove decl.
    (force_auto_save_soon): Declare only if SIGDANGER.
    * xdisp.c (redisplay_window): Simplify code, to make it more
    obvious that ignore_mouse_drag_p is not accessed if !defined
    USE_GTK && !defined HAVE_NS.
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