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    (Info-history): Doc fix. · 8a7757f6
    Juri Linkov authored
    (Info-history-list): New var.
    (info-xref): Change magenta4 to blue, remove bold for dark and
    light backgrounds, change bold to underline for non-color classes.
    (info-xref-visited): New face.
    (Info-fontify-visited-nodes): New custom.
    (Info-hide-note-references): Add new value `hide'.  Doc fix.
    (Info-reference-name): New var.
    (Info-selection-hook): New custom.
    (Info-edit-mode-hook): New var.
    (Info-find-file): New fun.
    (Info-find-node): Move part of code to Info-find-file.
    (Info-find-node-2): Add anchors to Info-history-list.  Move point
    to the place with the reference name if name is defined.
    (Info-select-node): Add current node to Info-history-list.
    (Info-goto-node): Switch to *info* from *info-history* *info-toc*.
    (Info-search-whitespace-regexp): New custom.
    (Info-search-case-fold): New var.
    (Info-search): Add "case-sensitively" to the prompt.  Use
    Info-search-whitespace-regexp.  Set Info-search-case-fold.
    (Info-search-case-sensitively, Info-search-next): New fun.
    (Info-up): Move point to the menu item of the current node.
    (Info-history): New fun.  Add *info-history* to same-window-buffer-names.
    (Info-toc): New fun.  Add *info-toc* to same-window-buffer-names.
    (Info-insert-toc): New fun.
    (Info-build-toc): New fun.
    (Info-follow-reference): Add new arg `fork'.  Doc fix.
    Replace [ \n\t]* by [ \n\t]+ in the *Note regexp.  For references
    with the same name prefer the reference closest to point.
    (Info-next-reference): Replace * by + in the *Note regexp.
    Add regexp for http:// and ftp://.  Skip the *Note prefix.
    (Info-prev-reference): Replace * by + in the *Note regexp.
    Add regexp for http:// and ftp://.  Skip the *Note prefix.
    (Info-follow-nearest-node): Add new arg `fork'.
    (Info-try-follow-nearest-node): Add new arg `fork'.
    Call browse-url for http:// and ftp:// references.
    Set Info-reference-name for index entries.
    (Info-mode-menu): Add menu items for Info-search-case-sensitively,
    Info-search-next, Info-history, Info-toc, clone-buffer.
    (Info-menu-update): Replace * by + in the *Note regexp.
    (Info-mode): Add documentation for Info-history, Info-toc,
    Info-search-case-sensitively, Info-search-next, clone-buffer.
    (Info-fontify-menu-headers): Remove fun.  Move code to
    (Info-fontify-node): Add docstring.  Add local vars
    fontify-visited-p and not-fontified-p.  If not-fontified-p is t
    then fontify header line, titles, menu headers, http and ftp
    references, refill paragraphs.  If not-fontified-p is t or
    fontify-visited-p is t then fontify cross references, menu items.
    Fontify menu headers.  Fontify http and ftp references.  Change
    regexp for cross references to require whitespace after *Note, add
    matching groups for file and node names.  Remove hack for quote.
    Use display property for Info-hide-note-references=t.  Use fifth
    or fourth match for help-echo.  Display visited nodes in a
    different face.  Unhide file names of external references.  Unhide
    newlines.  Display visited menu items in a different face.
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