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    * lisp/emacs-lisp/trace.el: Rewrite, use nadvice and lexical-binding. · 8b62d742
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (trace-buffer): Don't purecopy.
    (trace-entry-message, trace-exit-message): Add `context' arg.
    (trace--timer): New var.
    (trace-make-advice): Adjust for use in nadvice.
    Add `context' argument.  Delay `display-buffer' via a timer.
    (trace-function-internal): Use advice-add.
    (trace--read-args): New function.
    (trace-function-foreground, trace-function-background): Use it.
    (trace-function): Rename to trace-function-foreground and redefine as
    an alias to that new name.
    (untrace-function, untrace-all): Adjust to the use of nadvice.
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