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    * frames.texi (Frame Commands): C-z is now bound to suspend-frame. · 8ba46c89
    Chong Yidong authored
    * entering.texi (Exiting): C-z is now bound to suspend-frame.
    * custom.texi (Init Examples): Replace Rumseld with Cheny (Bug#3519).
    (Key Bindings): Reference Init Rebinding in introductory text.  Shift
    some of the introduction to Keymaps node.
    (Keymaps): Simplify.
    (Local Keymaps): Simplify.  Move binding example to Init Rebinding.
    (Minibuffer Maps): Remove mention of Mocklisp.
    (Init Rebinding): Move mode-local rebinding example here from Local
    (Modifier Keys): Clarify.
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