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    Start updating cl.texi for cl-lib changes · 8d6510b9
    Glenn Morris authored
    * doc/misc/cl.texi: Include emacsver.texi.
    Use Emacs version number rather than unchanging cl.el version number.
    End all menu descriptions with a period.
    Do not use @dfn{CL} for every instance of "CL".
    (Overview): Remove no-runtime caveat, and note about foo* names.
    (Usage): Use cl-lib rather than cl.
    (Organization, Naming Conventions): Update for cl-lib.el.
    (Installation): Remove long-irrelevant node.
    (Program Structure, Predicates, Control Structure):
    Start updating for cl-lib namespace.
    * doc/misc/Makefile.in ($(buildinfodir)/cl$(INFO_EXT), cl.dvi, cl.pdf):
    Depend on emacsver.texi.
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