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    Set alternate faces for some line numbers (bug#27734) · 8de2e69f
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    * lisp/faces.el (line-number-major-tick, line-number-minor-tick):
    New faces.
    * lisp/cus-start.el (display-line-numbers-major-tick)
    (display-line-numbers-minor-tick): Add customization info.
    * lisp/frame.el: Add `display-line-numbers-major-tick' and
    `display-line-numbers-minor-tick' to list of variables which
    should trigger redisplay of the current buffer.
    * src/xdisp.c (syms_of_xdisp) <display-line-numbers-major-tick>
    <display-line-numbers-major-tick>: Defvar new options.
    (syms_of_xdisp) <line-number-major-tick, line-number-minor-tick>:
    Defsym new faces.
    (maybe_produce_line_number): Use new faces for line numbers
    that are multiple of `display-line-numbers-major-tick' and
    * etc/NEWS (value): Announce new feature.
    * doc/emacs/display.texi (Display Custom): Describe it.  Wording by
    Robert Pluim <rpluim@gmail.com>
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