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    Improve API of recently-added bool vector functions. · ec2c4ee6
    Paul Eggert authored
    The old API had (bool-vector-count-matches A B)
    and (bool-vector-count-matches-at A B I), which gave the
    misleading impression that the two functions were variants, one
    with a location I.  The new API has (bool-vector-count-population A)
    and (bool-vector-count-consecutive A B I) to make the distinction
    clearer.  The first function no longer has a B argument, since the
    caller can easily determine the number of nils if the length and
    number of ts is known.
    * src/data.c (Fbool_vector_count_population): Rename from
    bool_vector_count_matches, and accept just 1 argument.
    (Fbool_vector_count_consecutive): Rename from
    * test/automated/data-tests.el: Adjust to API changes.
    Fixes: debbugs:15912