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    * lisp/frameset.el: Add new predicate values for frameset-restore args. · d5671a82
    Juanma Barranquero authored
      (frameset-live-filter-alist, frameset-persistent-filter-alist):
      New variables.
      (frameset-filter-alist): Use them.  Add autoload cookie.
      (frameset-filter-tty-to-GUI): Move from desktop.el and rename.
      (frameset--set-id, frameset--reuse-frame): Rename `frame-id' to
      `frameset--id' (it's supposed to be internal to frameset.el).
      (frameset--process-minibuffer-frames): Ditto.  Doc fix.
      (frameset--initial-params): New function.
      (frameset--get-frame): Use it.  Doc fix.
      (frameset--move-onscreen): Accept new PRED value for FORCE-ONSCREEN.
      Accept :all, not 'all.
      (frameset-restore): Add new predicate values for FORCE-ONSCREEN and
      FORCE-DISPLAY.  Use :keywords for constant arguments to avoid collision
      with fbound symbols.  Fix frame id matching, and remove matching ids if
      the frame being restored is deleted.  Obey :delete.
    * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-restore-forces-onscreen)
      (desktop-restore-reuses-frames): Document :keyword constant values.
      (desktop-filter-parameters-alist): Remove, now identical to
      (desktop--filter-tty*): Remove, moved to frameset.el.
      (desktop-save-frameset, desktop-restore-frameset):
      Do not pass :filters argument.
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