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    lwlib/Makefile.in misc cleanup. · 8f45ebb8
    Glenn Morris authored
    * lwlib/Makefile.in (USE_X_TOOLKIT, RM, TOOLKIT_DEFINES): Remove.
    (ALL_CFLAGS): Remove -I.
    (config_h, lisp_h, src_h): New variables.
    (globals_h): Rename from $globals.
    ($(globals_h)): Check cd exit status.
    (lwlib.o): Remove special rule.
    (lwlib-utils.o, lwlib.o, lwlib-Xlw.o, lwlib-Xaw.o, lwlib-Xm.o, xlwmenu.o):
    Add lisp.h and config.h to prereqs.
    (lwlib-utils.o): Add lwlib.h to prereqs.
    (lwlib.o): Add lwlib-utils.h and lwlib-Xm.h to prereqs.
    (lwlib-Xlw.o): Add xlwmenu.h to prereqs.
    (xlwmenu.o): Add ../src/xterm.h to prereqs.
    (mostlyclean): Forget about "core" files.
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