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    * keyboard.c (unread_switch_frame): Don't declare this static. · 8f805655
    Jim Blandy authored
    	* keyboard.c (Vlast_event_frame): Doc fix.
    	* keyboard.c (read_char): Write composite events to the dribble
    	file properly.
    	* keyboard.c (init_keyboard): Initialize Vlast_event_frame to
    	Qnil, rather than the selected frame.
    	* keyboard.c (lispy_modifier_list): Added sanity check before
    	indexing into modifier_symbols.
    	* keyboard.c (add_command_key): When copying the contents of the
    	old this_command_keys to new_keys, remember to multiply size by
    	sizeof (Lisp_Object) to get the amount we really need to copy.
    	Rename unread_command_char to unread_command_event; it has
    	subtly different semantics now, and we should use
    	`make-obsolete-variable' to warn people.
    	* keyboard.c (unread_command_char): Rename.
    	(command_loop_1, read_char, Finput_pending, Fdiscard_input,
    	quit_throw_to_read_char, init_keyboard, syms_of_keyboard): Change
    	* keyboard.c (read_key_sequence): Don't use
    	save_excursion_{save,restore} to protect the caller against buffer
    	switches; use Fset_buffer and Fcurrent_buffer; redisplay might
    	change point, and we don't want to undo that.
    	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): When checking a mouse
    	movement for a frame switch, don't assume Vlast_event_frame
    	contains a Lisp_Frame object.
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