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    todo-mode.el: Remove dependence on auto-mode-alist. · 903204bb
    Stephen Berman authored
    * calendar/todo-mode.el: Remove dependence on auto-mode-alist,
    to avoid errors when trying to create or visit a file foo.todo
    located outside to todo-directory, and to allow having such files
    without them being tied to Todo mode.
    (todo-show, todo-move-category, todo-merge-category, todo-find-archive)
    (todo-archive-done-item, todo-find-filtered-items-file)
    (todo-filter-items, todo-find-item, todo-diary-goto-entry)
    (todo-category-completions, todo-read-category): When visiting a
    Todo file, make sure we're in the right mode and the buffer local
    variables are set.
    (todo-make-categories-list, todo-reset-nondiary-marker)
    (todo-reset-done-string, todo-reset-comment-string): After
    processing all Todo files, kill the buffers of those files that
    weren't being visited before the processing.
    (todo-display-as-todo-file, todo-add-to-buffer-list)
    (todo-visit-files-commands): Comment out.
    (todo-modes-set-3, todo-mode): Comment out additions to find-file-hook.
    (auto-mode-alist): Remove add-to-list calls making Todo file
    extensions unrestrictedly tied to Todo modes.
    * doc/misc/todo-mode.texi: Update in light of changes due to bug#17482.
    Replace numerous mistaken uses of literal quotes with proper
    Texinfo markup.
    (Todo Mode Entry Points): Comment out reference to using find-file
    or Dired to visit Todo files, since this has been disabled (bug#17482).
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