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    Tramp 2.0.36 released. · 90f8dc03
    Kai Großjohann authored
    * net/tramp.el (tramp-default-password-end-of-line): Renamed from
    (tramp-password-end-of-line): New method parameter.
    (tramp-get-password-end-of-line): Function to access method
    parameter `tramp-password-end-of-line', or variable
    `tramp-default-password-end-of-line' (default value).
    (tramp-methods): Add entries for new parameter
    (tramp-enter-password): Use new function
    (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents): Do not
    unconditionally inhibit the file operation file-local-copy, only
    do that when the inhibit-file-name-operation is currently
    insert-file-contents.  This fixes finding remote CVS-controlled
    files.  (It would barf on inserting the CVS/Entries file
    literally, because the file-local-copy handler wasn't called.)
    (tramp-handle-shell-command): Support optional third arg
    (tramp-sh-extra-args): Adapt defcustom type to XEmacs.
    (tramp-initial-commands): New variable.
    (tramp-process-initial-commands): New function, using the variable.
    (tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Call the new
    (tramp-buffer-name, tramp-debug-buffer-name): Always put the
    method into the buffer name, never use nil.  Reported by Hanak
    David <dhanak@inf.bme.hu>.
    (tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Erase buffer
    before sending "stty -onlcr".
    * net/tramp-vc.el (vc-workfile-unchanged-p): Add comment.
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