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    Cleanup of window coordinate positioning code. · 9173a8fb
    Chong Yidong authored
    Now, text area click input events measure Y from the top of the text
    area, excluding the header line if any.
    * src/dispnew.c (buffer_posn_from_coords): Assume that X counts from
    the start of the text area.
    * src/keyboard.c (make_lispy_position): For text area clicks, record Y
    pixel position relative to the text area, excluding header line.
    Also change X and Y to Lisp_Objects, not pointers; don't return
    coordinate values via pointers.  Pass ON_TEXT_AREA coordinate to
    buffer_posn_from_coords counting from the start of the text area.
    (Fposn_at_x_y, make_lispy_event): Callers changed.
    * src/w32term.c (w32_read_socket):
    * src/msdos.c (dos_rawgetc):
    * src/xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Likewise.
    * src/window.c (coordinates_in_window): Change X and Y to ints rather
    than pointers; don't return coordinates via pointers.
    (struct check_window_data): Change X and Y from pointers to ints.
    (window_from_coordinates): Remove args WX and WY; don't return
    coordinates via pointers.
    (Fcoordinates_in_window_p, window_from_coordinates):
    (check_window_containing, Fwindow_at): Callers changed.
    (window_relative_x_coord): New function.
    * src/window.h (window_from_coordinates, window_relative_x_coord):
    Update prototypes.
    * src/xdisp.c (remember_mouse_glyph): Change window_from_coordinates
    call.  Use window_relative_x_coord.
    (note_mouse_highlight): Change window_from_coordinates call.
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