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    * lisp/progmodes/sql.el: Use cl-lib and lexical-binding; various cleanup. · 93852cb0
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (sql-signum): Remove.  Use `cl-signum' instead.
    (sql-read-passwd): Remove; use read-passwd instread.
    (sql-get-login-ext): Use read-string.
    (sql-get-login): Use dolist and pcase.
    (sql--completion-table): Rename from sql-try-completion.
    Use complete-with-action.
    (sql-mode): Don't change abbrev-all-caps globally.
    (sql-connect): Don't rely on dynamic scoping for `new-name'.
    (sql-postgres-completion-object): Initialize vars in their `let'.
    (sql-comint-sybase, sql-comint-sqlite, sql-comint-mysql)
    (sql-comint-solid, sql-comint-ms, sql-comint-postgres)
    (sql-comint-interbase): Use a single append, without setq.
    (sql-comint-linter): Same, and unwind-protect the LINTER_MBX var.
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