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    Stefan Monnier authored
    (ada-xref-create-ali): The default is now not to create automatically the
    ALI files by compiling the unit, since this isn't always reliable and
    requires an up-to-date project file.
    (ada-prj-default-comp-cmd): No longer use gcc directly to compile
    a file, but use gnatmake instead, since this gives access to the GNAT
    project files.
    (ada-xref-search-with-egrep): New variable, suggested by P. Waroquiers.
    (ada-load-project-hook): New variable, for support of GNAT project files.
    (ada-update-project-menu): Fix the detection of the project file name.
    (ada-add-keymap): Change key binding for ada-find-file, that conflicted
    with another binding in ada-mode.el.
    (ada-add-menu): New menu "List Local References", to list the reference
    to the entity only in the current file, instead of looking in the whole
    project.  Much faster.
    (ada-find-references): New parameters arg and local-only.
    (ada-find-any-references): New parameters local-only and append.
    (ada-goto-declaration): Fix handling of predefined entities in xref.
    (ada-get-all-references): Updated to the new xref format in GNAT 3.15,
    still compatible with GNAT 3.14 of course.  Fix various calls to
    count-lines, that didn't work correctly when the buffer was narrowed.
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