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    (Viewing Info files outside of Emacs): Xinfo is no more. · 93e2d996
    Glenn Morris authored
    (Help installing Emacs): Remove reference to deleted X11 node.
    (Associating modes with files): Interpreter-mode-alist is no longer
    subservient to auto-mode-alist.
    (Installing Emacs): Change future Emacs version.
    (Linking with -lX11 fails): Remove old section.
    (Packages that do not come with Emacs): Update ELL location.
    Emacs Lisp archive is dead.
    (Emacs for Windows): Remove reference to old CE port.
    (Emacs for OS/2, Emacs for Atari ST, Emacs for the Amiga ):
    Remove old ports.
    (Emacs for GNUstep): Rename from "Emacs for NeXTSTEP" and update.
    (Removing flashing messages): Remove section about non-existent Gnus option.
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