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    * mh-e: Created directory. ChangeLog will appear in a week when we · 942da20c
    Bill Wohler authored
    release version 7.2.
    * lisp/mail/mh-alias.el, lisp/mail/mh-comp.el,
    lisp/mail/mh-customize.el, lisp/mail/mh-e.el, lisp/mail/mh-funcs.el,
    lisp/mail/mh-identity.el, lisp/mail/mh-index.el,
    lisp/mail/mh-loaddefs.el, lisp/mail/mh-mime.el, lisp/mail/mh-pick.el,
    lisp/mail/mh-seq.el, lisp/mail/mh-speed.el, lisp/mail/mh-utils.el,
    lisp/mail/mh-xemacs-compat.el: Moved to mh-e. Note that reply2.pbm and
    reply2.xpm, which were created by the MH-E package, were left in mail
    since they can probably be used by other mail packages.
    * makefile.w32-in (WINS): Added mh-e.
    * makefile.nt (WINS): Added mh-e.
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