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    (Qbig5, Qcn_gb, Qsjis, Qeuc_kr): Remove variables. · 94d0e806
    YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
    (syms_of_mac): Don't initialize them.
    (Vmac_charset_info_alist): New variable.
    (syms_of_mac): Defvar it.
    (create_text_encoding_info_alist): New function.
    (decode_mac_font_name, mac_to_x_fontname)
    (x_font_name_to_mac_font_name, init_font_name_table): Don't hard
    code the correspondence among XLFD charsets, Mac script codes, and
    Emacs coding systems.  Use Vmac_charset_info_alist and result of
    create_text_encoding_info_alist instead.
    (init_font_name_table) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use Font Manager
    routines also on Mac OS Classic.
    (init_font_name_table) [!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use
    (mac_do_list_fonts): Regard 0 in XLFD scaleble fields as
    specified.  Derive unspecified scalable fields from specified one.
    (x_list_fonts): Consider Valternate_fontname_alist.
    (kDefaultFontSize): Change value from 9 to 12.
    (XLoadQueryFont): Get decoded font family, font face, and charset
    from x_font_name_to_mac_font_name.  Set full name of loaded font.
    (mac_unload_font): Free `full_name' member.
    (x_load_font): Don't try XLoadQueryFont if x_list_fonts returns
    NULL.  Copy full_name member of struct MacFontStruct to that of
    struct font_info.
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