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    Declare Lisp_Object Q* variables to be 'static' if not exproted. · 955cbe7b
    Paul Eggert authored
    This makes it easier for human readers (and static analyzers)
    to see whether these variables are used from other modules.
    * alloc.c, buffer.c, bytecode.c, callint.c, casetab.c, category.c:
    * ccl.c, character.c, charset.c, cmds.c, coding.c, composite.c:
    * data.c, dbusbind.c, dired.c, editfns.c, eval.c, fileio.c, fns.c:
    * font.c, frame.c, fringe.c, ftfont.c, image.c, keyboard.c, keymap.c:
    * lread.c, macros.c, minibuf.c, print.c, process.c, search.c:
    * sound.c, syntax.c, textprop.c, window.c, xdisp.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c:
    * xmenu.c, xselect.c:
    Declare Q* vars static if they are not used in other modules.
    * ccl.h, character.h, charset.h, coding.h, composite.h, font.h:
    * frame.h, intervals.h, keyboard.h, lisp.h, process.h, syntax.h:
    Remove decls of unexported vars.
    * keyboard.h (EVENT_HEAD_UNMODIFIED): Remove now-unused macro.
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