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    Make it more robust in the presence of empty context lines in unified hunks. · 95dfb89d
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (diff-valid-unified-empty-line): New var.
    (diff-unified->context, diff-sanity-check-hunk): Obey it.
    (diff-end-of-hunk): Obey it.  New arg `donttrustheader'.
    (diff-fixup-modifs, diff-post-command-hook): Use this new arg.
    (diff-hunk-header-re-unified): New const.
    (diff-font-lock-keywords, diff-hunk-header-re, diff-split-hunk)
    (diff-fixup-modifs, diff-unified->context, diff-next-complex-hunk)
    (diff-sanity-check-hunk): Use it.
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