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    Fix BSD and macOS builds w.r.t. pthread_setname_np (bug#38632) · 73fd8a4b
    Mattias Engdegård authored
    pthread_setname_np takes only a single argument on BSD and macOS,
    and affects the current thread only.
    * configure.ac: Add check for single-argument pthread_setname_np
    * src/systhread.c (sys_thread_set_name): New (w32 and pthread versions).
    (sys_thread_create): Remove name argument and name-setting.
    (w32_beginthread_wrapper): Remove name-setting.
    * src/systhread.h (sys_thread_create, sys_thread_set_name):
    Update prototypes.
    * src/thread.c (run_thread): Call sys_thread_set_name.
    (Fmake_thread): Adapt call to sys_thread_create.
    * src/thread.h (struct thread_state): Adjust comment.
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