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    Lucid menus can now use Xft for fonts. · 99852628
    Jan Djärv authored
    * xsettings.c (current_font, SYSTEM_FONT, XSETTINGS_FONT_NAME): New.
    (parse_xft_settings): Also check for XSETTINGS_FONT_NAME and save that
    in current_font.
    (init_gconf): Read value of SYSTEM_FONT and save it in current_font.
    (Ffont_get_system_normal_font, xsettings_get_system_normal_font): New
    (syms_of_xsettings): Initialize current_font. defsubr
    * xsettings.h (Ffont_get_system_normal_font,
    xsettings_get_system_normal_font): Declare.
    * xfns.c (extern xlwmenu_default_font): Remove.
    (Fx_create_frame): Remove setting of xlwmenu_default_font, moved
    to xlwmenu.c.
    * menu.c (digest_single_submenu): If USE_LUCID and HAVE_XFT, encode
    menu items in UTF-8.
    * xmenu.c: include xsettings.h and xlwmenu.h if USE_LUCID.
    (apply_systemfont_to_menu): New function.
    (set_frame_menubar, create_and_show_popup_menu): Call
    * xlwmenu.c (xlwmenu_default_font): Make static.
    (xlwMenuResources): Add XtNfaceName and XtNdefaultFace.
    (string_width): Use XftTextExtentsUtf8 if HAVE_XFT.
    (MENU_FONT_HEIGHT, MENU_FONT_ASCENT): Add versions for
    (size_menu): Set max_rest_width in window_state structure.
    (display_menu_item): If HAVE_XFT and xft_draw is set, use
    XftDrawRect and XftDrawStringUtf8 to draw text.
    (make_windows_if_needed): Set max_rest_width and xft_draw
    in windows[i].
    (openXftFont): New.
    (XlwMenuInitialize): Call openXftFont if HAVE_XFT. If mw->menu.font
    is not set, load font fixed and save it in xlwmenu_default_font.
    (XlwMenuInitialize): Set max_rest_width and xft_draw in windows[0].
    (XlwMenuClassInitialize): Initialize xlwmenu_default_font.
    (XlwMenuRealize): Set xft_fg, xft_bg, xft_disabled_fg and
    windows[0].xft_draw if xft_font is set.
    (XlwMenuDestroy): Destroy all xft_draw and close xft_font.
    (facename_changed): New.
    (XlwMenuSetValues): Call facename_changed. If face name did change,
    close old fonts and destroy xft_draw:s.  Then create new ones.
    * xlwmenu.h (XtNfaceName, XtCFaceName, XtNdefaultFace,
    XtCDefaultFace): New.
    * xlwmenuP.h (_window_state): Add max_rest_width and xft_draw.
    (_XlwMenu_part): Add faceName,xft_fg, xft_bg, xft_disabled_fg and
    * xresources.texi (Lucid Resources): Mention faceName to set Xft fonts.
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