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    c-parse-state. Don't "append-lower-brace-pair" in certain · 99f7b0a6
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    circumstances.  Also fix an obscure bug where "\\s!" shouldn't be
    recognised as a comment.
    * progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-state-pp-to-literal): Check for "\\s!"
    as well as normal comment starter.
    (c-parse-state-get-strategy): Extra return possibility
    (c-remove-stale-state-cache): Extra element CONS-SEPARATED in
    return value list to indicate replacement of a brace-pair cons
    with its car.
    (c-parse-state-1): With 'back-and-forward, only call
    c-append-lower-brace-pair-to state-cache when cons-separated.
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