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    Put interrupt input blocking in a separate file from xterm.h. · 9ac0d9e0
    Jim Blandy authored
    	This isn't specific to X, and it allows us to avoid #including
    	xterm.h in files that don't really have anything to do with X.
    	* blockinput.h: New file.
    	UNBLOCK_INPUT_RESIGNAL): These are now in blockinput.h.
    	(x_input_blocked, x_pending_input): Deleted; there are analogs
    	in blockinput.h called interrupt_input_blocked and
    	* keyboard.c (interrupt_input_blocked, interrupt_input_pending):
    	New variables, used by the macros in blockinput.h.
    	* xterm.c: #include blockinput.h.
    	(x_input_blocked, x_pending_input): Deleted.
    	(XTread_socket): Test and set interrupt_input_blocked and
    	interrupt_input_pending instead of the old variables.
    	* alloc.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c, xmenu.c, xselect.c, keymap.c:
    	#include blockinput.h.
    	* eval.c: #include blockinput.h instead of xterm.h.
    	* keyboard.c: #include blockinput.h.
    	(input_poll_signal): Just test
    	interrupt_input_blocked, instead of testing HAVE_X_WINDOWS and
    	Block the processing of interrupt input while we're manipulating the
    	malloc heap.
    	* alloc.c: (xfree): New function, to make it easy to free things
    	(xmalloc, xrealloc): Block X input while doing the deed.
    	(VALIDATE_LISP_STORAGE, gc_sweep, compact_strings): Use xfree
    	instead of free.
    	(uninterrupt_malloc): New function, to install input-blocking
    	hooks into the GNU malloc routines.
    	* emacs.c [not SYSTEM_MALLOC] (main): Call uninterrupt_malloc
    	on startup.
    	* alloc.c: (make_interval, make_float, Fcons, Fmake_vector,
    	Fmake_symbol, Fmake_marker, make_uninit_string, Fgarbage_collect):
    	Use xmalloc instead of malloc; don't bother to check if out of
    	memory here.
    	(Fgarbage_collect): Call xrealloc instead of realloc.
    	* buffer.c: Use xmalloc and xfree instead of malloc and free;
    	don't bother to check if out of memory here.
    	(Fget_buffer_create): Put BLOCK_INPUT/UNBLOCK_INPUT pair around
    	calls to ralloc routines.
    	* insdel.c: Same.
    	* lisp.h (xfree): New extern declaration.
    	* xfaces.c (xfree): Don't #define this to be free; use the
    	definition in alloc.c.
    	* dispnew.c, doc.c, doprnt.c, fileio.c, lread.c, term.c, xfns.c,
    	xmenu.c, xterm.c: Use xfree instead of free.
    	* hftctl.c: Use xfree and xmalloc instead of free and malloc.
    	* keymap.c (current_minor_maps): BLOCK_INPUT while calling realloc
    	and malloc.
    	* search.c: Since the regexp routines can malloc, BLOCK_INPUT
    	while runing them.  #include blockinput.h.
    	* sysdep.c: #include blockinput.h.  Call xfree and xmalloc instead
    	of free and malloc.  BLOCK_INPUT around routines which we know
    	will call malloc.
    	ymakefile (keyboard.o, keymap.o, search.o, sysdep.o, xfaces.o,
    	xfns.o, xmenu.o, xterm.o, xselect.o, alloc.o, eval.o): Note that
    	these depend on blockinput.h.
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