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    * lisp/progmodes/ps-mode.el: Use SMIE. Move string and comment recognition · 9b7b020d
    Stefan Monnier authored
    to syntax-propertize.
    (ps-mode-auto-indent): Mark as obsolete.
    (ps-mode-font-lock-keywords-1): Remove string-or-comment handling.
    (ps-mode-font-lock-keywords-3): Use symbol regexp operators instead of
    word regexp operators.
    (ps-mode-map): Move initialization into declaration.  Remove binding
    for TAB, RET, >, ], and }.
    (ps-mode-syntax-table): Move initialization into declaration.
    Don't give word syntax to non-word chars.
    (ps-run-mode-map): Move initialization into declaration.
    (ps-mode-menu-main): Remove auto-indent entry.
    (ps-mode-smie-rules): New function.
    (ps-mode): Setup smie, syntax-propertize, and electric-indent-mode.
    (ps-mode-looking-at-nested, ps-mode-match-string-or-comment): Remove.
    (ps-mode--string-syntax-table): New const.
    (ps-mode--syntax-propertize-special, ps-mode-syntax-propertize):
    New functions.
    (ps-mode-newline, ps-mode-tabkey, ps-mode-r-brace, ps-mode-r-angle)
    (ps-mode-r-gt, ps-mode-r-balance): Remove functions.
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