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    Change roles of modes and functions in image-mode.el (Bug#5062). · 9b9debd1
    Juri Linkov authored
    * image-mode.el: Replace `image-mode-maybe' with `image-mode'
    in `auto-mode-alist'.
    (image-mode-previous-major-mode): New variable.
    (image-minor-mode-map): Rename from `image-mode-text-map'.
    (image-mode): Move graceful error-handling code from
    `image-minor-mode' to here.  On errors call `image-mode-as-text'.
    (image-minor-mode): Remove all image-handling code.
    Replace `image-mode-text-map' with `image-minor-mode-map'.
    Check for `image-type' in mode-line format string.
    (image-mode-maybe): Make obsolete with an alias to `image-mode'.
    (image-mode-as-text): New function with most code from
    (image-toggle-display-text): Move code that removes image
    properties from `image-toggle-display' to here.
    (image-toggle-display-image): New function with code that adds
    image properties copied from `image-toggle-display'.
    (image-toggle-display): Remove most code with leaving only code
    that toggles between `image-mode-as-text' and `image-mode'.
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