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    * xterm.h (x_catch_errors) Return value changed to void. · 9ba8e10d
    Chong Yidong authored
    	(x_uncatch_errors): Unused count argument deleted.
    	* xterm.c (x_catch_errors): Don't use record_unwind_protect, since
    	it can be called in a signal handler.
    	(x_catch_errors_unwind): Function deleted.
    	(x_uncatch_errors): Deallocate last x_error_message_stack struct.
    	(x_check_errors): Call x_uncatch_errors before signalling error.
    	(x_load_font, x_term_init, XTmouse_position, handle_one_xevent)
    	(x_connection_closed, x_list_fonts): Use new versions of
    	x_catch_errors and x_uncatch_errors.
    	* xselect.c (x_own_selection, x_decline_selection_request)
    	(x_reply_selection_request, x_get_foreign_selection)
    	(Fx_get_atom_name, Fx_send_client_event): Likewise.
    	* xfns.c (x_real_positions, x_set_mouse_color, Fx_focus_frame):
    	* eval.c (record_unwind_protect): Add an assertion.
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