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    (*-sun-solaris*): Add special case for Solaris 2.3. · 9c34bd79
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (i860-*-sysv4): Renamed from i860-*-sysvr4.
    (LIBS): Add test for existence of XSetWMProtocols.
    (solaris): Set NON_GNU_CPP instead of CPP.
    Set it for all solaris versions.
    (mips-mips-riscos4*): Set NON_GNU_CC, not CC.
    (after checking for GCC): If not GCC, and NON_GNU_CPP is set, set CPP.
    Likewise for NON_GNU_CC and CC.
    (mips-mips-riscos4*): Assign variable CC.
    (checking ${with_gcc}): If "no", don't override CC if already set.
    (CC): Initialize it as empty.
    (Suns): Set CPP if *-solaris2.3*.
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